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General Pest and Rodent Protection, Fort Worth

The following programs include protection for common crawling pests including Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Crickets, Silverfish, Earwigs, Scorpions, and Pillbugs. Also includes rodent monitoring and service. * Prices quoted are for an average size home (2,200-3,200 square feet). Prices may be adjusted +/- $10. For larger or smaller homes.


Initial Service


This is an aggressive service for quick knockdown of existing pest populations. It includes exterior power spray, granular insecticide lawn treatment, baits and inside service as needed. An inspection for rodent activity will be made and recommendations for treatment or risk mitigation will be provided. This service is for a one-time application or the initial service of the following pest programs.

Silver Service Program

$99.00 Quarterly

Quarterly maintenance service for structures with no pest activity and few conditions conducive for pest activity. 

Gold Service Program

$79.00 Bi-Monthly

Every-other month service. This program is designed for the average structure with landscaping and other conditions conducive for pest activity. 

Platinum Service Program

$59.00 Monthly

This is a monthly service designed for maximum protection and those with zero tolerance for pests. 

Flying Insect Program

These are add-on programs for those in need of protection from flying insects:


By Proposal

  • Inspect and risk Identification
  • Larvacide treatments
  • Adult mosquito treatment to landing and resting locations
  • In2Care mosquito traps

House Flies

By Proposal

  • Inspect and risk Identification
  • Pesticide application on landing and resting surfaces
  • Baits and exterior traps to draw flies away from doors and patios
  • Exclusion: sealing entry points or installing barriers to keep flies outside
  • Insect light traps to capture flies indoors

Bed Bug Program

Bed bug infestation can happen to anyone. This pest (parasite) is carried from place to place unknowingly by people and their belongings. You can get bed bugs from public transportation, hotels, movie theatres, restaurant booths, waiting rooms and from purchasing second-hand furniture. In addition to Bed bug Service; Gayle Pest & Termite offers Bed bug training for your employees to help identify these pests and to help business develope protocols for dealing with or preventing these pests.

Bed Bug Services

By Proposal

Gayle Pest & Termite uses 3 pesticide applications to kill and verify Bed Bug infestations are resolved. Contact us for more details. 

Termite Program

Gayle Pest & Termite provides Wood Infestation Reports, Full treatment and Spot treatment of infested structures.

Wood Infestation Reports


Termite Treatment

By Proposal 

Animal Trapping and Exclusion

Wild animals can be destructive to your home or business and possibly endanger your family. Gayle Pest & Termite can identify the pest, locate and repair entry points and trap/remove them from your property.


By Proposal 


By Proposal